Going Back to Work? Here’s What You Need to Know

Going Back to Work? Here’s What You Need to Know

As businesses slowly begin to reopen employees may worry about their health and safety upon their return to the office. Luckily, many businesses are already making plans to ensure their employees feel safe and stay healthy within the office environment.

Here are some ideas to reduce employee risk and promote employee safety.

Social Distance
One of the most effective ways towards fighting against the current pandemic is through social distancing. Businesses are now spreading desks further apart in order to maintain 6-feet apart regulations.

Increasing Cleaning and Sanitation
Increasing the number of times offices are cleaned and sanitized is also a great way to promote a healthier environment. Administering cleaning services to come every night after office hours is now a priority, especially for those businesses with higher foot traffic.

Employee Sanitation
Businesses will also be doing their part to promote employee health by ensuring soap dispensers are filled and providing products such as hand sanitizers, wipes, and aerosol products. However, employees will have to do their part to ensure they use the products provided to maintain their work areas clean.

At MGR, we are applying some of these ideas to our workplace to promote the health and safety of our employees. We will get through this together.


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