One of the most important things to understand about property management is how vital communication is in landlord/tenant relationships.

These top tips can help ensure strong communication lasts throughout a tenant’s term.

Be Sure to Respond to Tenants Quickly
One of the most important things a landlord can do is ensure their tenants are aware they are there to help. You can ease a tenant’s anxiety and reassure them you are aware of their issues by simply responding quickly to their calls, emails, and texts.

Acknowledge Any Delays or Concerns to Tenants
Always be honest and keep them informed of delays on timelines for any projects or issues. If a repair requires more work than expected or the vendor has a delay, it is important to for the tenant to know that the project is still being addressed effectively.

Know Your Time
While it may sound appealing to tell tenants you are always available, it’s much more important to be transparent. Always be sure to let tenants know of your schedule and when you can attend to them. This way if anything should change on their end, they will let you know.

Need Help with Your Landlord Duties?
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