Jerrold Tomeo IV

Jerry Tomeo
MGR Corporate Office | Ontario
3800 E. Concours St. #350
Ontario, CA 91764
Office: 909-981-4466 Cell: 909-996-8877 Fax: 909-981-6267 DRE#: 01907707

Jerry E Tomeo IV was introduced and personally recruited by the CEO of MGR, Michael Rademaker. Partnering with Michael, Jerry acquires firsthand knowledge and cutting edge information on Investments, leasing techniques, 1031 exchanges, and completing transactions. From start to finish Jerry has closed all types of Commercial sales and leases. Large or small, cash or financing, Jerry has taken first-point in completing transactions he is involved in. Dressed in nothing less than a suit and tie, five to six days week, Jerry comes to work in stride to write a prescription for success and to accomplish both his short and long term goals. Jerry’s target market is his sphere of influence, friends, family and acquaintances of all kinds. He believes the power of building rapport through listening, understanding, and comprehending what people have to say, is an important part in growing as an individual and as a Real Estate Broker.

The days before becoming a Real Estate Broker:

Jerry Tomeo constantly held a full schedule with school and working at LA Fitness as a Personal Trainer. Jerry credits his past “Personal Trainer Days” as a large factor in becoming a successful Real Estate Broker today. As a Personal Trainer, Jerry trained a wide verity of people which gave him the experience to effectively communicate with people of all different backgrounds and careers. As Jerry trained Politicians, Attorneys, Doctors, Local Business Owners and everyone in between, he gathered strong rapports with many important people. While attending City Council meets, Chamber of Commerce events, Political Party functions and community fundraisers, Jerry has a relationship database which grows every day.

Being a young man in his career Jerry Tomeo brings drive, focus and consistent motivation to service his clients with professionalism, first-hand knowledge, and honesty.

Jerry E Tomeo IV
Senior Commercial Associate

Cell: (909) 996-8877
Office: (909) 579-1398
Fax: (909) 981-6267
Email: Jtomeo@Mgrrealestate.com