The Wildfire Season has become an increasingly alarming part of a California residents’ lives. Over the past 2 years, fires have raged furiously throughout the Golden State engulfing homes and businesses, leaving firefighters to battle the numerous blazes nonstop.

In 2019 over 6,872 fires were recorded, burning an estimated 253,321 acres of Californian land. From wine country in Sonoma County to busy Los Angeles and its surrounding counties, it seems no one and no building was safe.

Whether the causes of the fires were due to blackouts, climate change, or loose electrical wires, it is important to remember the necessary precautions when it comes to fire safety, and remaining prepared for the unexpected.

MGR has long believed in the importance of emergency preparedness. California is known as being in danger of potential natural disasters, that’s why we make sure to consistently complete fire drills and earthquake drills in the majority of our properties. Contact an MGR agent today to learn how your property can be ready for emergencies.