So, you’ve found your dream place, you’re all packed up but are your pets also ready for the big moving day? Whether it’s a dog, cat, or bird, there are several different ways you can help your pet feel more comfortable throughout the length of the moving process.

Take a look at our top suggestions for handling a move with pets.

1. Contact Your Vet
Moving can be a scary, stressful experience for any pet, that’s why it’s important to take your furry companion for a quick vet check-up. It is also important to inform your vet if you are moving out of the area so they can ensure you have your pet’s medical records and any other prescription medications you may need.

2. Keep Your Pets Away from the Moving Area
During the move itself, the best option may be to place your pet in the care of a close friend or even a kennel for the day to ensure your pet remains calm and comfortable. If you don’t want to

leave your pet, we recommend placing them in a quiet room with food and water. Simply make sure to check in on them every few hours.

3. Don’t Let Your Pet Out Until You’re Fully Settled
Be careful when transporting any pet into your new neighborhood and new home. Even if your pet is docile, make sure to take a moment and allow your pet to settle into their new home by allowing them to explore one room at a time.

4. Don’t Forget to Update Their Info
After you move, make sure you update your pet’s tags, microchip information, and vet information.

5. Prepare an Overnight Kit
Before the big Move-In Day, make sure you’re packed with an easily-accessible ‘overnight kit’ prepped with enough dog food, kitty litter, treats, and grooming tools to sustain them for at least during the first few days of unpacking.

While moving with pets can be overwhelming, with proper planning, you can make sure you’re taking care of every furry member of your family. Contact your MGR real estate agent for more of the latest tips on how to make the moving process as smooth as possible.